How to rent?

Its very simple and easy, follow the steps mentioned below and please do contact us if you have any further questions.


Please contact desk to fill form and become member. Your membership number will be provided same day and a bar-code card in few days.

Annual Fee

Fr. 20.- for Dübendorfer families
Fr. 25.- for all Others



Select toys and pay the rental fees at the cashier.

The loan period is 4 weeks. The rental fee is depending on the value and repairability of the game Fr.1.- to Fr.20.

An extension by timely notification by e-mail, telephone or personal request is possible and will be charged as a new loan




We expect the games to be complete and clean, so they can be borrowed immediately.
For dirty toys, a cleaning fee of CHF 5.- is payable.
For defective pneumatic tires: Fr. 10.- to Fr. 20.-

Late return

Any defects must be reported to us within one week (telephone or email).

If the games are not returned on time, a reminder fee will be charged:

1st reminder Fr. 2.50

2nd reminder Fr. 5.- / plus 100% of the lending fee

3rd reminder Fr. 8.- / plus 100% of the lending fee

After unsuccessful 3rd reminder, the games will be picked up with an additional charge of CHF 20.-.


Please take care of the borrowed toys.
Before returning, make sure that the games are complete, organized and clean. Normal wear is self-evident. You save yourself and us inconvenience. Thank you!

For incomplete games Fr. 3. – per lost part will be charged. (If you return the missing part, the amount will be refunded.) Damaged or lost games will be charged pro rata to the replacement value.
Batteries must be provided by the user.


The lodge refuses all liability for damages arising in connection with the use of the borrowed toys.